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The Cannabis Radio Network chronicles cannabis industry news through a variety of interactive talk shows including The Barrett Report™, The Average Joe Grow™, The Entourage Effect™ and The GreenNurse Radio Show™.

About Cannabis Radio Network

The Cannabis Radio Network chronicles cannabis industry news through a variety of interactive talk shows including The Barrett Report, The Average Joe Grow and The GreenNurse Radio Show. Each week the Cannabis Radio Network dives into topics such as using cannabis as a treatment for many diseases and ailments, impactful and interesting businesses and business leaders, new products and services, and other cannabis-related topics that matter most to American cannabis professionals, patients, growers, advocates and other industry supporters. The Cannabis Radio Network also offers the CRN Insider Program, a private cannabis club which provides exciting benefits, discounts and access to experiences for its members. 

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Donald Barrett

Donald Barrett

Host of The Barrett Report™

The Barrett Report

SUNDAYS @ 8pm Eastern

You’ve seen him on Television. The companies he founded have done over 2 billion dollars in worldwide sales. Donald Barrett’s new venture, THE BARRETT REPORT™, explores the HUGE cannabis industry here in the United States! He will sit down with leaders from all of the top companies and people driving the market.

THE BARRETT REPORT… is a funny, informative, live, interactive talk show on everything cannabis in the United States. If you’re a smoker, grower or investor or just looking for a JOB in this industry watch or listen to THE BARRETT REPORT“.

Jake Ganem

Jake Ganem

Host of The Average Joe Grow™

The Average Joe Grow

Every Tuesday @ 7 pm Eastern

If you’re a grower or you want to start. You will love THE AVERAGE JOE GROW show, hosted by Jake Ganem. Learn all the tips, techniques and secrets to grow marijuana.

The AVERAGE JOE GROW show is for both beginners and more seasoned growers you’ll get tons of tips and other advice ensuring you grow the best buds possible. Our expert growers will be taking calls and answering your questions.
Find out all you need to know from how to set up your marijuana grow room, choose lights and germinate seeds to harvesting and curing your buds.

Dr. Dale Buckman

Dr. Dale Buckman

Host of The Green Nurse™

The GreenNurse Radio Show

Wednesdays 8 pm Eastern.

The GREENNURSE SHOW™  is a fun and educational live broadcast hosted by GreenNurse’s Sherri Tutkus RN and Dale Buckman NP.

Tune in every week for news, information, and learn the latest information on medicinal CBD and Cannabis.

If you or someone you love has a chronic illness tune in every week and ask questions live.

Don Zollo and Jeff MacKinnon

Don Zollo and Jeff MacKinnon

Hosts of The Entourage Effect™

The Entourage Effect

Wednesdays @ 9 pm Eastern.

The Entourage Effect™  is a fun and comedic live show staring Don Zollo and Jeff MacKinnon.

Tune in every week to hear the guys talk cannabis and comedy.


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