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Full Service Testing

ProVerde Laboratories, Inc. is a Massachusetts based laboratory offering analytical testing and consulting services in the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) segment. Available services utilizing leading-edge technologies to yield the most reliable analytical results available, while maintaining an environmentally friendly, green approach. Our mission includes building lasting relationships with our customers and communities by providing services with reliability, quality, and integrity.


High Risk = Non-Traditional

We refer to “High Risk” businesses as simply “Non-Traditional”.  All too often, long-standing and credible businesses are grouped into this category and stigmatized. Let us show you the ways Deft can make a difference in your business.

We know that non-traditional businesses require more care and training to prepare for underwriting. We will walk you through the process from the beginning, inform you of your approval, and continue by your side the entire time you are processing. We have built a robust network with a group of carefully selected banks. Let us show you the difference Deft offers…not just in price, but in quality of service as well.

Enjoy A Consistent 50mg Dose Of Flower Every Time You Smoke

The OneHitOneDa is the best way to enjoy a consistent, measured dose of cannabis in your favorite glass, just drop it in your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass! Experience a revolutionary new way to consume cannabis with your existing glass. Know the potency of your pot. With a consistent, measured dose of flower every time.

Boston Based Cannabis Apparel

Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bags

Cannabis Dispensary Exit Bags

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Certified cannabis exit packaging made with plant based materials in our Wind Powered factory located in the heart of America.  The HISIERRA® certified factory is powered by 100% renewable wind generated electricity and is completely off the fossil fuel grid. HISIERRA® exit bags are 3rd party certified ASTM D3475 Child Resistant and ASTM 6866 renewable, sustainable cannabis packaging


Grow Your Plants at Home and Enjoy Doing It




Wicked Chronic is a family-centered and community-oriented business, dedicated to providing alternative products for a healthier, conscious lifestyle. Our store offers an extensive range of hemp accessories, including hats,shirts, scarves and socks and a discerning selection of wiccan spiritual books and tools, natural fiber clothing, and counter-culture lifestyle products.

For more information on our personal canna-journey check out The Wicked Chronic Chronicles


Cannabis Crew

Cannabis Crew is a members only club which requires an active Massachusetts State Medical ID. We strive to provide the best product and care to our customers by always sourcing from local farms and participating in community events. Click here for more information.


Hippy Chick

Here at Hippy Chick I strive to provide safe effective options that will encourage one’s body to naturally balance to obtain optimal health levels. I do not in any way make claims to diagnose, treat, or cure one’s disease. My products are not FDA approved. In compliance with FDA regulations I do not encourage anyone to use my products in place of prescribed medicine, and as with any supplemental, I encourage you to consult a doctor before use. I do encourage education about essential oils and the many benefits they can provide in your life. Click here for more information.


Gorilla Grow Tent

Frustrated with the current selection of indoor hydroponic and soil grow tents available for sale, a group of California growers, designers, and engineers collaborated in San Francisco in 2011 to revolutionize the future of indoor gardening. Their goal was simple: produce the thickest, strongest, and most durable indoor grow tent that could also adjust vertically to instantly increase much needed grow space. Click here for more information.

And Many More To Come!!!